Top 5 Best Algorithmia Alternatives Review

Algorithmia image colorization apps change your dull pictures into eye-catching pictures.

But the problem is there are many colorization apps, and you are picky to choose the best.

So if you are worried about using any colorization app, you should consult the below-mentioned alternatives of Algorithmia that are perfect according to your need.

What is Algorithmia

Algorithmia is one of the effective ways to color your photos in this modern world.

By doodling or coloring your pictures on mobile may take some time and may produce some bad results but Algorithmia Colorize Photos can do it in a few steps and surely takes less time. 

How does Algorithmia Colorize Photos?

You can use Algorithmia websites to color your images, all you have to do is to open the website and put any picture you want to color, then Algorithmia will directly colorize it.

It will provide you with the results within 12 seconds, however, it takes more time to convert pictures with high resolutions.

Best 5 Algorithmia Alternatives

No matter how good the website is, there’re chances you may face some troubleshoot problems or it may be too complex.

In such cases, you should know about the alternatives of this site that are given as under:

1. VanceAI

When you edit a photo with an editing app, the quality of the picture usually decreases, but VanceAI is a free online tool that will help you edit your picture in full resolution within a few seconds, and is a perfect photo enhancer and will alleviate your photo to a new level and can be used in graphic designing, blogging, editing, etc.



  •       Old photo restoration can be done.
  •       Color and image resolution adjustment
  •       Face enhancement


  •       Restricted free trial

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2. Playback.FM

Playback. Fm is an online black and white picture converter that is surely better than the Algorithmia color, the picture you send requires only 10 minutes to convert (in the meantime, the picture is shown on their server), moreover, you can download that picture, but the time varies depending on the size of the file.



  •       Free site
  •       No complicated interface
  •       Allows you to download the photo.


  •       It shows many ads.

3. Hotpot API

Compared to Algorithmia Colorize Photos, the hotpot API offers you an offline image colorization feature that turns the black and white pictures into the colorized that looks extremely real and modern but it may sometimes produce unexpected results. You can easily take help in doing graphic designing, creating logos, and aesthetic posts, etc.



  •       It’s not difficult to use.
  •       Available in both online and offline versions.
  •       Do colorization using AI.


  •       No free version or trial.

4. Photomyne

Photomyne is a new and next-level colorization app that does not only colorizes your pictures but also owns the features of video colorization, it allows you to scan any photo or video because you can choose any picture from your camera PC. It takes only 10 minutes to complete the process. You can also backup your previous pictures and share them online on specific platforms.



  •       It is not a paid app.
  •       24/7 online support and customer service are available.
  •       Users can scan a photo by mobile also.


  •       Time duration is very long.

5. My Heritage

This app can convert low-resolution or blurred pictures into high resolution immediately. If you have not signed up and have used this app or website, the pictures will automatically be deleted. In addition, it lets you search for your ancestors that have used my heritage app to bring the old days back.



  •       The free version is available.
  •       No privacy issues.
  •       Can share images on specific social media


  •       The interface is quite complex.


How to Restore Colors of Photos?

If you want to restore the colors of photos without using any app, you can do it using your default mobile editing option.

  • Open the picture you want to edit.
  • Click on the edit option. 
  • You will see different effects and saturation.
  • Select both and adjust it from 0-100.


Although Algorithmia effectively colorizes photos that you want to colorize, other image converter apps that are given in this guide can give you more benefits than Algorithmia can provide. Just make sure that you choose the right app for yourself to colorize the photos and go on with the flow.


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