Top 5 Nostalgia Apps Review

Nostalgia app

The term NOSTALGIA means a feeling of sadness or pleasure remembering the past people or events and wishing to experience them again. The latest trend is making waves on all social media platforms, FACEBOOK, Instagram, TWITTER, etc., called the NOSTALGIA APPS.

What is a Nostalgia app?

A Nostalgia app is An Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that animates old still photos of the past by making a short animated video. To remember your ancestors by creating a free tree has become much convenient by using such Nostalgia apps. Such face filter apps are not for Android but also used for iOS Smartphones and tablets.

Best 5 Nostalgia Apps:

1. VanceAI Photo Restorer

VanceAI restorer is a multi-functional AI app. It can restore old photos bringing clarity to old pictures.


VanceAI Photo Colorizer


Pros of VanceAI

  • It provides VanceAI Photo Colorizer that adds colors to black and white pictures. These photos can be of ancestors, historical figures and family, etc.
  • Poor color is enhanced through VANCEAI color correction.
  • VanceAI restorer removes spots, blemishes, making smoother clean-faced pictures by restoring the older versions, even damaged ones.
  • It takes 5 seconds to make a video by uploading photos on the net. Thus, no need to mail them.
  • Provides face enhancement feature through AI Image Enlarger, AI Image Sharpener.

Cons of VanceAI

  • A little bit of editing experience is still required for photos restoration or colorization.
  • Limited free version.

 2. My Heritage Deep Nostalgia

My Heritage Deep Nostalgia is My Heritage App that uses The Deep Nostalgia™ feature.  It uses many drivers, with each driver being a video consisting of a fixed sequence of movements and gestures. My Heritage is a genealogy-based application.


Pros of Deep Nostalgia

  • Through movements, a magic-like tangible video is produced.
  • For a start, deep Heritage is free.
  • It is a great way to show and preserve a family tree for those wishing to show future generations their history.
  • Recreates a life-like video of famous historical people like Charles Darwin, George Washington, Marie Antoinette, and many more.

Cons of Deep Nostalgia

  • Only a 14-day free trial period; after that, through paid account, animations are done.
  • It might promote deep fakes more. The term refers to images or videos of people whose faces and voices have been digitally altered.
  • Paintings usually don’t portray exact historic faces; instead, it is a painter’s artful rendition of a person. The same historic person wrongly painted by an artist through this app becomes a false AI presentation of that actual historical character or personality.

3. is a deep nostalgia alternative app that colorizes black and white or grey, yellow photos.

Pros of

  • It is totally free of charge.
  • Very easy to use by uploading a black and white picture.
  • Gives sharp, fresh color to photos.
  • The uploaded data gets deleted from the app 30 minutes after its loading automatically.

Cons of

  • It does not work for colored pictures color correction, only for black and white.

  4. Image Colorizer

Through these AI app features, you can improve and restore old images.

Image Colorizer

Pros of Image colorizer

  • Image colorizer adds color to black and white pictures.
  • A neural network system recognizes a face, through which you can retouch the face without damage to the original pic.
  • Restores damaged or scratched pictures without needing any photoshop skills.

Cons of Image colorizer

  • The premium or paid plans are not that excellent.
  • The quality of the service fluctuates.

 5. is a powerful photo colorizer that colorizes black and white photos automatically.

Pros of

  • It is super fast; in a few seconds, after uploading colorless photos, the colored ones appear.
  • Totally free of cost to use as you wish.
  • The basic concept is straightforward to use.

Cons of

  • No added features, just a single feature of AI.
  • The quality of samples is sometimes faulty.


There are many AI deep nostalgia apps now available in the online market. Each has its own merits and limits. VanceAI needs special mention as it provides photo quality enhancer AI services. VanceAI also releases an AI tool—VanceAI Photo Restorer to help you fix the damaged photo by removing scratches and give your photos a new life.

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Q: Is there an app like deep nostalgia?

Ans:  Yes, apart from those mentioned above best 5 apps, many deep nostalgia alternative apps are available. Depends on your selection criteria.

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