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Picture restoration is an amazing and highly successful way of getting access to valuable photos that were damaged due to any reason. An AI picture restorer can also improve the quality of an old image, which is already a must-have feature. With that said, we will go through five best picture restorer applications that you can start using for picture restoration.

Best 5 AI Picture Restorers Review

1. VanceAI Photo Restorer

Price: This old photo restorer and image enhancer from VanceAI gives three image credits for free once you login or create a free account. The paid plans start from $9.90 per month.

VanceAI is getting increasingly popular as an online image editing product application thanks to the variety of tools it offers and the AI technology it uses for processing images. With its AI and Deep Learning algorithms, the old photo restoration tool manages to get rid of damages and replace them with the image colors and details. Not to mention that it offers solutions to your image editing needs automatically.


How to use VanceAI Photo Restorer for picture restoration?

1. You can use the free image enhancer by clicking on the link and going to the Photo Restoration tool under AI Solutions.

Vance AI Picture Restorer

2. Click on Upload Image, use the upload tool, and then select Start to Process to initiate the image processing.

Vance AI Picture Restorer

3. Finally, go to Processed > Preview on the right of the image > Download Image. You can find your download image on your device.

Vance AI Picture Restorer

Use these steps to use any tool on the AI photo enhancer website.

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2. Hotpot.AI

Price: The online version of this picture restorer is free to use. It does contain costs for commercial use, however.

The Hotpot AI picture restorer application is an overall image enhancer and editor online, which offers more than picture restoration. You can remove background, enlarge images or at least certain parts of it, colorize black and white photos, and more. It also offers an API version of its tool, which you can request access for through the website. Another great feature of this online tool is that it offers custom made resolutions for all kinds of social media platforms as well as for certain mobile devices.

Hotpot Picture Retorer

How to use Hotpot.AI for picture restoration?

1. Start by using the link given in the header of the tool to access the website. Scroll below and you will see the upload button.

Hotpot Picture Retorer

2. Use the Scratches setting as per your preference. Click on the button to select an image and upload it. Click on Restore.

Hotpot Picture Retorer

3. You will see the result image on the right of the upload box. Click on Download to save the image on your device.

Hotpot Picture Retorer

3. Image Colorizer

Price: Users will receive eight image credits for free to picture restore. For more credits and extra features, the paid plans start from $6 per month.

This online picture restorer application has a decent number of features that include image enlargement, colorization of black and white photos, photo repairing, etc. When it comes to uploading images, you can upload images within 3000×3000 resolutions. Images also have to be within 5 MB of size and PNG, JPG, or JPEG. It is an AI based product that deletes uploaded images from their servers every 24 hours, ensuring privacy to users.

Image Colorizer Picture Restorer

How to use Image Colorizer for picture restoration?

1. Use the link given above to access the homepage and scroll down to get to the upload tool.

Image Colorizer Picture Retorer

2. Click on the tool to select an image and upload it. Click on Start to begin the image processing. It will take a few seconds though you can see the loading bar just below.

Image Colorizer Picture Retorer

3. After it is done, you can simply click on Download to save the image on your device.

Image Colorizer Picture Retorer

4. Softorbits

Price: You can purchase the picture restoration and image editing software product for $17.99 yearly or $8.99 monthly. Alternatively, you can download the free trial version of the software.

SoftOrbits is a popular image editing software application that offers many features at an affordable rate with a pretty decent performance as well. The overall product has a big list of features or tools that each offer something unique to image editing tasks. Some of its best features are background removal, creating sketches, making silhouettes, and more.

Softorbits Picture Restorer

How to use Softorbits for picture restoration?

1. Visit the website first and use any of the Download options to get the setup file. After downloading, install the software tool.

Softorbits Picture Restorer

2. Open the application and the image that you want. Use the Scratch Remover and Doctor features to repair your image.

Softorbits Picture Restorer

3. Save your image through the File tab on the top bar and find it in your destination folder.

5. Photo Works

Price: Photo Works is available for purchase starting from $8.25 to $16.80 during the sale. You can also download a free trial software for a limited amount of time for picture restoration.

Photo Works is a sophisticated software application that can be a really good image editor for all purposes, other than picture restoration. For starters, this picture restorer supports RAW image file formats and you can export your files as JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. Upon purchase, users are also given free updates and technical support.

Photo Works Picture Restorer

How to use Photo Works for picture restoration?

1. Use the link given above to access the official website. From there, you will need to click on Download to get the setup. Install the software.

Photo Works Picture Restorer

2. Launch the software and open the image. You will then see a few tabs just above the image. Use the Enhancement and Retouch tabs and make changes to the image.

Photo Works Picture Restorer

3. Save the image from the File menu or use the Save button.

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Optional Step to Restore Old Photos-Colorize Them with

Add one more step to further restore your old photos; that is adding some colors on them to make them look just as new. can be your best choice to do so since it can have your image smartly analyzed and completely automatically colorized based on the advanced AI algorithms. Just try it after using a picture restorer to look what your old photos could be in colors.

Colourise Online


Even though they are available in excess, it is not easy to find a reliable picture restorer application. This list, however, features the very best applications that you can find for picture restoration. This list also includes fully online AI-based applications such as VanceAI Photo Restorer as well as software tools like Photo Works. Also read: How to Enhance Photo Resolution with 3 Best Ways.


1. Is there any AI picture restorer free to use?

The applications mentioned in this list are free to use but only to an extent. Picture restoration is a complex task that takes quite a lot of resources from image editing tools. However, Hotpot AI is a tool that offers the most lenient usage online. Another good option for an AI picture restorer is VanceAI Photo Restorer because it offers other cool features.

2. How can I restore my photos online?

You can follow the steps given for each tool in this article as a guide to restore old and damaged images. However, the short version of it would be to simply upload your picture on any of the online AI based applications. They will process the image and display the output. All you then need to do is download the image.


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