How to Increase Resolution of Image?

Increase Resolution

Who doesn’t want quality images with high-resolution and perfect image quality? Well, thanks to all the advanced invented tools today that make it possible for us to say goodbye to poor quality images forever!
This article covers everything including how to increase image resolution online and in photoshop and about how you can make your photos absolutely BOMB! Transforming your low-quality images to high-quality ones by increasing resolution of image is a job that can be done within seconds. Read AHEAD!

Part 1: How to Increase Resolution of Image online without Photoshop?

Method 1: Increase resolution of image online with VanceAI Image Enlarger

VanceAI Image Enlarger is your ultimate one-stop-shop for image enlargement. With this picture enlarger, you may enlarge an image by three times or even 8x without compromising on performance at all. The picture upscaler is enabled by AI upscaling and hence is capable of replacing vacant pixels and improving every feature during photo expansion.

About VanceAI

VanceAI is an amazing tool with all the sub-tools that will help your bad photographs turn amazing. It has AI Image Upscaler, Denoiser, Restorer, Colorizer, Cartoonizer and so many more amazing features for you to try!
One of the best tools of VanceAI is the VanceAI photo retoucher that allows you to easily edit images up to DSLR camera standards. It can enhance photo quality by automatically adjusting photo luminance, color saturation, contrast, and other parameters. There are no color fringing or artifacts. HOW AMAZING! RIGHT?

How to use?

Step 1: Open the site and upload the image

Vance AI Image Enlarger 1

Step 2: Select the feature “AI Image Enlarger” and choose the option that best suits you. Click on the “start to process” button.

Vance AI Image Enlarger 2

Step 3: The image will be transformed in less than a minute. Simply download and enjoy!

Vance AI Image Enlarger 3

Method 2: Increase resolution of image online with VanceAI Anime Upscaler

This software provides free online upscaling of anime pictures by 2x, 4x, 8x, and even 16x. You can quickly transform any low-quality and fuzzy anime images into stunningly high-resolution anime posters or wallpapers with VanceAI Anime Upscaler.

AI anime upscaler avoids pixelation and artifacts while upscaling their size thanks to the sophisticated Waifu2x algorithm that made all that possible. It is super easy that anybody can do it within seconds. CHECK OUT NOW!

How to use?

Step 1: Simply select the image you want to upscale.

Vance AI Anime Upscaler 1

Step 2: Choose AI Anime Upscaler from the options and choose the enlarging option. Click on the “Start To Process” button.

Vance AI Anime Upscaler 2

Step 3: The picture will be ready in seconds. Download and enjoy!

Vance AI Anime Upscaler 3

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Method 3: Increase resolution of image online with Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is another great tool that provides high-resolution images with fully automated processing. This software lets you upscale your image up to 16 times and that too without losing the quality of the photo!

It provides free five dramatic picture transformations so you can check how awesome it is yourself!

It uses Artificial intelligence technology to provide what you need, a high-quality and precisely enhanced image. Photo improvement has never been this easier! USE THIS TOOL TODAY!

How to use?

Step 1: Upload the image on the site.

Lets Enhance 1

Step 2: Once selected, choose settings and click on the “Start Processing” button.

Lets Enhance 2

Step 3: The processing will take a few seconds. After that simply download the image and enjoy!

Lets Enhance 3

Method 4: Increase resolution of image online with Icons 8

This amazing tool enlarges and enhances photos by utilizing our cutting-edge artificial intelligence (also called super-resolution). Their original collection had 5 million photos, and they have added new data on a regular basis, synthesizing or shooting as needed.

It provides free transformation of the first 3 images and then charges quite reasonably if you see its amazing work. The tool provides data safety, so you don’t have to worry about safety issues AT ALL! VISIT THE SITE TODAY!

How to use?

Step 1: Upload one or multiple images that need to be transformed!

Icons8 Step1

Step 2: The image will be upscaled in less than a second. Simply download and enjoy!

Icons8 Step2

Method 5: Increase resolution of image online with PosterBurner

PosterBurner Super-Resolution is a free site that enlarges and improves the quality of your images. It uses AI technology to artistically color pixels as the image size grows.

While this is not the same method we use for poster printing, canvas prints, and bespoke banners and stencils, it is comparable and works amazingly on pictures 2000 × 2000 pixels and less.

The maximum run time is three minutes so no time of yours is going to get wasted at all! TRY NOW!

How to use?

Set 1: Select the image and upload it. Click on the “Process Image” button to start the magic.

PosterBurner 1

Step 2: Once done, simply download the image. You can also order to get a print-out of the picture!

PosterBurner 2

Part 2: How to Increase Resolution in Photoshop

Step 1: Open Photoshop. Click Image and then image size

Photoshop 1

Step 2: There is no need to modify the quantity of picture data in the photo, therefore uncheck Resample Image. After that, change the height, width, and resolution. When you modify one value, the other two will be done by themselves.

Photoshop 2

Step 3: Click on Automatic and enter the screen frequency. You may also enter units of measurements.

Photoshop 3

Step 4: Go to View, then enter print size. You can also do that by selecting the hand tool.

Photoshop 4

Step 5: Adjust the file size according to your will.

Photoshop 5

Step 6: The bicubic smoother is a useful tool for increasing image resolution in Photoshop. You can use that for smoother results. Simply download the picture once done with editing.

Photoshop 6

Optional Method Recommendation-Image

Try a free and easy way to increase resolution of image online with Image Upscaler. You can access the website by the link on the title, and directly drop your image in without logging in or installation. After several seconds, you’ll get your clear and crisp image with the resolution being significantly increased.

Image Upscaler


With so many advanced invented tools today, Image upscale is the best in providing you with high-quality upscaled images.
There are a lot of image upscalers but this article covers the top three with a detailed explanation of why and which one is the best of all. How to use each is also discussed in detail. So, try these today and STOP WAITING!

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